[Inexperienced, housewife welcome] writer’s large recruitment! New women’s media will start!

In order to launch a new media that the was to target “women with international sense of much 20s ~ 40s,” a new,
And large recruiting a person who can write an article for posting there!
Even if I choose a favorite genre from the following, it is OK even if he our suggestions the genre easy to write.
The timing of the draft corresponds to the flexible. Of course, you do not need of attendance, and the like.
In addition, since the woman is the target, but articles Ali male point of view, also will be accepted widely applications from men!
★ genre or theme maniac also OK even in ultra-niche. Welcome those who can whatever you want, and write a lot with passion

● international romance-related
⇒ thing about the foreigners he (she), long distance relationship that across the country, meeting with foreigners, cultural differences, Noroke, fight of the species, such as horror stories

● international marriage-related
⇒ thing about the husband (wife), that of children, cultural differences, fight species, differences of religion, communication with family, etc.

● live abroad
⇒ Information about immigration anything

● overseas travel
⇒ Women’s journey, ordinary travel, things related to favorite country, the world heritage-related, My Recommended location list, surf trips, diving trips, snow trips, backpack, couch surfing, such as the world of beach

● work in a foreign
⇒ that it was good to have worked in foreign capital, is surprised that, unpleasant thing, annual income UP tips, happy to work tips, career tips, ry both marriage and childbirth and work, etc.

● work abroad
⇒ (had) we are working in countries impressions, working visa acquisition of tips for working holiday etc.

● foreign language study-related
⇒ efficient study method, recommended teaching materials, web site application, Struggles in the study, and learn tips such as

● hobby column foreign culture
⇒ dance (salsa, samba, flamenco, Tahitian, Hawaiian, such as hip-hop), music (genres related to dance, classic, etc.), film and television program system, games, etc.

● overseas cuisine
⇒ Chinese, French cuisine, the world of burgers, India Eating out, such as the world of delicacies

● ⇒ preferentially English translation planned thing about Japan and Japanese culture
⇒ sumo, music, TV shows and anime, movies, games, events, Kabuki, Noh, Japanese cuisine, recommended tourist destination, recommended restaurant, Recommended Entertainment, Tokyo (Osaka, Nagoya, etc.) back guide, Harajuku fashion, Japanese Beauty (makeup, hair styles, etc.), etc.

● Fashion & Beauty
⇒ Hollywood departure, overseas model departure, such as the Paris Collection departure news

● comics, illustrations, photos, whether you make a work along the ⇒ the theme those who are good at video, etc., and also the am made to offer the story here OK

First of all, I am writing five articles in trial fee, I think if Torere the form to continue I were each other happy.
Even if you do not me, half of the trial fee will do payment.
For those that had you apply, because the amount of money I will send a container with agreement of the other conditions separately,
I think you’ll be judged on reading it.
Also about your questions, and please from the application form!

Please rest assured information was submitted to us so will not be used for any purpose other than the writer’s recruitment ※



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